Nearly 40 years of fun on the water.

We love getting out on the water. Kayaking, fishing, sailing, canoeing, rafting, or just floating around on a sunny day. It’s what we do. That’s why we started Extrasport back in 1975—to keep it fun and safe on the water. Since then we’ve focused on designing and manufacturing the best PFDs around. Our jackets are durable, comfortable and innovative. And every one meets or exceeds both UL and Coast Guard safety standards.

We believe in making relevant products of exceptional quality. That means we don't dream up jackets and use advertising hype to sell them. We work with watersport enthusiasts, athletes and rescue professionals to keep our products fresh and cutting edge. And, of course, we constantly test and use our own equipment. As a result, every product with the Extrasport® name on it will take all the adventure you can throw at it.

Since the beginning, innovation has been core to who we are. Many of our products and features are firsts—great ideas that simply didn’t exist before. Safety and comfort improvements, like our RetroGlide™ system and proprietary HiFloat® technology, reflect the passion and high standard of performance that set us apart. We don’t take shortcuts with our designs. And it shows. Today our PFDs are the top choice of rescue crews, Olympians, world-class competitors, expedition leaders, and passionate enthusiasts. Have fun out there.