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Baja Back Seating Comfort Design

Extrasport® created the first PFD with a thinner lower-back section for increased comfort on the seat backs in today's sit-on tops and rec boats. It caught on immediately—big time.

A thicker upper-back floatation section [A] not only helps thin the lower section, it keeps the foam off your body, giving you easier movement and greater freedom. In-the-water testing shows that this design also contributes to a better floatation angle.

A thin, broad lower back section [B] accommodates seat backs and back rests providing extra paddling comfort and reducing uncomfortable life vest ride-up while paddling.


AirComfort System™ Baja Back

Extrasport's AirComfort System™ Baja Back has a large channel of mesh through the mid-section [D] designed to nest with kayak seats as well as enhance venting. Layers of skived PE foam [C] contour to the body providing great fit and maximum mobility.


Angler AirComfort System™ Baja Back

On Extrasport fishing PFDs featuring the AirComfort System™ Baja Back, the foam panels begin to taper higher on the back and the foam carries to the waist belt [E]. This allows for maximum comfort in kayak seats with higher backs.






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              AirComfort System™ Baja Back
AirComfort System Baja Back Small
        Angler AirComfort System™ Baja Back

Angler Air Comfort Baja Back