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GlideFit™ patented comfort construction

This Extrasport® innovation ensures a comfortable fit and easier movement during paddle strokes. How? We radically redesigned the foam inserts in most life vests, which are nothing more than a couple of layers of roughly the same size and shape, one just sitting on the other. We found that you get a more comfortable and accommodating fit by placing a smaller outer layer of foam on a larger, thinner layer—so the foam wraps around and conforms to your torso much better. Then we wrap the outer layer with our GlideFit™ Cartilage, a unique, patented system that allows the panels to glide on each other, even when wet.

 GlideFit Example 

How It Works

Circle A   The outer foam layer is smaller than the inner layer, and is wrapped with fabric "cartilage" to allow the layers to glide on each other and wrap the torso more comfortably.

Circle B  The inner layer is thin and glides under the smaller outer layer as it wraps around your body. This offers less resistance to your movements and paddle strokes, and therefore, a more comfortable fit.