Industry-Leading Features in Comfort and Functionality

Each lifevest style is designed to fulfill a particular need or challenge. We use features to make sure our PFDs fit the best, function the best and feel the best.

AirComfort System
Our AirComfort System™ looks dramatically different and provides the ultimate fit and comfort.

Baja Back
Extrasport created the first PFD with a thinner lower-back section for increased comfort on the seat backs in today's sit-on tops and rec boats.

Our groundbreaking, patented RetroGlide system provides a secure fit and truly customized comfort. This two-in-one shoulder- side adjustment system is simple and efficient, eliminating rigid buckles and straps on your shoulder and next to your neck.

This Extrasport innovation ensures a comfortable fit and easier movement during paddle strokes. We found that you get a more comfortable and accommodating fit by placing a smaller outer layer of foam on a larger, thinner layer—so the foam wraps around and conforms to your torso much better.

Rescue Technologies
Wherever safety is needed most, rescue experts turn to Extrasport® Swiftwater® and HiFloat® Patented Maximum Buoyancy rescue PFDs.