Safety Tips

  • Never paddle or sail alone, it is always safer with a buddy!
  • Attaching a loud whistle to your PFD is a great safety feature.
  • It is recommended that children always were a type II PFD or higher, even for onshore activities.
  • Never exceed the weight capacity of your boat and always check your equipment for wear and tear before you paddle.
  • Seek qualified instruction to learn proper paddling techniques, water safety and basic first aid.
  • Beware of off-shore winds that make it difficult to return to shore.

Paddling Safety

No matter what, a PFD (personal floatation device) is standard apparel for kayakers and canoeists, even for strong swimmers. Coast Guard regulations require that all boaters have a life jacket on board. A PFD increases survival time in the water, first by keeping you afloat without wasting energy, and second by keeping you warm. Do not paddle without an approved PFD that fits properly.