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  • Lots of Extrasport PFD's
    Lots of Extrasport PFD's

    Three Generations of Extrasport!

    • Posted by: Savannah Kuntz on 11/19/2012 06:56:54 PM
    • Location: Vermilion, Ohio
    • Photographer: Savannah Kuntz
    • PFD: Eddy PFD
    I am the 7th generation of the Parsons family on the Vermilion River on Lake Erie in Vermilion, Ohio! My family started out on this river in the 1700s as commercial fishermen and shipbuilders and for the past three generations - have been sailors and north american champions! Sailing has been a huge part of our life and it wouldn't be possible without the excellent PFDs that we use every single day for life around our marina! This year, for our christmas cards, we wanted to do something special but something that perfectly described our family... What better to do than everyone in their Extrasport lifejackets! Thank you for being such a quality company.
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  • Conconully 1
    Conconully 1Conconully 2Conconully 3Conconully 4

    Lake Fun

    • Posted by: Kenna Canaan on 8/25/2011 01:11:47 AM
    • Location: Conconully, WA
    • Photographer: Kenna Canaan
    • PFD: Kid's PFDs
    Summer fun at a family reunion in sunny Eastern Washington. On the lake with lots of cousins showing off Extrasport youth PFDs in use.
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